Companions on the Way

What is Spiritual Direction? 
Two in a canoe

When you decide to embark on spiritual direction, what are you choosing?  You are giving yourself the gift of having  someone who will listen to you prayerfully, ask important questions, and challenge you to see where God is at work in your life.  Your spiritual director may suggest issues to ponder, ways to pray, new ways to think of God, books to read. Everything you say will be kept in confidence. 

People often embark on a path of spiritual direction at a time in their lives when they are in transition or see that old patterns aren’t working; perhaps there is a longing to go deeper.  As a director, I bring a deep theological background, years of experience leading retreats, groups and individuals toward greater depth.  I’ve also lived through my own hard times and found a way to incorporate that experience to deepen faith.

The initial introductory session offers a chance to get to know each other and see if this director/directee relationship is a good fit.   We meet (in person, on the phone or by skyping) once or twice a month.  Cost is 60.00 per session.

If you are interested, please let me know!

Mary Ellen



first paddle of the season

Rose Lake

Falls on the Stairway Portage

So lovely to be out on the water again….went on one of our favorites….into West Bearskin, portage into Duncan, and then down the Stairway Portage to Rose Lake.  The world is coming alive….slowly!!  We’re hoping the blossoms on our trees will pop out someday soon…Thankful to be living somewhere so lovely…..Blessings…

Paddling ponderings

Just as we’re moving into winter here, it’s time to set aside times for next summer’s canoe trips….we’ve found some people like to give them as Christmas presents….an experience of wilderness is indeed the best gift!

Paddling joy….

There will be:

1.  a mother/daughter trip the week of July 15th,

2. a Women’s Adventure Trip the week of July 22nd;

3. a “girls” Boundary Waters Trip the week of August 5th,

4. a youth trip for kids from Holy Apostles and St. John’s Episcopal the week of August 12th,

5. and a clergy women’s trip the week of August 19th.

First Boundary Waters Camping Trip for Esme

Esme has been paddling in the Boundary Waters (well, sort of) since she was just over a year old, so it seemed like the time for her first overnight camping trip.  We camped on Sawbill, and swam, sat in the sun, told stories, cooked and slept in a tent.

We always laugh that Esme knows EVERYONE in Grand Marais.  As she and I ate breakfast after our camping night, a ranger came to check permits.  She walked into camp and said, “Oh, hi Esme!”

We’re going to go back…longer next summer.

Esme in the Boundary Waters

Paddling in Pigeon Bay–July 13, 2012

One of our favorite places to paddle is onto Pigeon Bay, where the Pigeon River (the US/Canada border) flows into Lake Superior. When you are in Pigeon Bay you cannot see any houses, roads–it feels like going back 300 years!

Into Pigeon Bay

To get onto Pigeon Bay, you have to go through Canadian immigration and pick up the key from Canadian Customs. The you open the gate and head down to the river.

Lunch on a rock in Pigeon Bay…one of life’s great treats…..