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Our retreats are the perfect balance of spiritual nurture and challenge. Sign up for an upcoming retreat or contact us to discuss designing a retreat that is right for your group. See Retreat Overviews and Popular Retreat Topics below for some ideas or let us know what you are looking for (meditation retreat, silent retreat, etc)!

No experience necessary, just openness to soul growth.

Retreat Overviews

Retreats At WindCradle are designed around special themes or vocations. Past examples include Church Musicians Retreat, Clergy Women’s Retreat and Couples Spiritual Retreats.

Mother / Daughter Retreats offer a chance to connect with your mother / daughter on canoe trips into the Boundary Waters or snowshoeing trips along the North Shore.

Adventure Weekends provide your church group, confirmation class, college age group or young adults with a weekend of paddling, hiking, talking, saunas, snowshoeing, as we connect with nature, God and others in the group.

WindCradle Comes to You brings themed retreats tailored to your group's needs to a location of your choice when you are longing for the refreshment of a retreat but can’t get away.

Designing Your Own Retreat allows you to work with Mary Ellen to design a retreat that is right for you and your group.  See a list of topics or contact us to discuss your ideas.


Popular Retreat Topics

Recreated Through Creation: Many feel closest to God in nature; how can we deepen our spiritual lives by interacting with creation?

Walking with Mary Magdalene: Learning about (and from) some amazing biblical women.

Narrative Theology and the Narrative of Our Lives: How can we shape our stories in ways that resonate with the sacred stories?

Imaging God: Renewing our God images to deepen and freshen our faith.

Forming Ritual for a Post-Christian World: How can we pull back the layers of our familiar rituals to make them meaningful for folks on the edges of faith?

Bread of Life: As we stir, proof, knead and shape loaves we’ll reflect on the bubblings and pummelings in our lives.

Exploring Meditation: Learning/practicing ancient ways to pray.

Using Poetry to Deepen Our Lives: How could poetry enrich our spiritual lives by pulling us to deeper and quieter place?

Creativity and Spirituality: Kindling and encouraging faith through the creative process.

Dogspell: What would it be like if we believed God loved us as much as our dogs do?

Build Your Own Prayer Book: Collecting poems and prayers to make our own personal, inspiring prayer books.

Knitting: Knitting together our lives, wounds and souls.

Women Mystics: Hearing and learning from our fore-mothers.


retreat overviews

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